Motor Trade Insider Car Buying Crib Sheet - Take your friend in the trade with you to the showroom

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X in the car selling business. I'm actually going to show you some of the techniques that are on the hidden pages of the secret training manuals of sleazy car dealers worldwide. I'm going to tell you what their tricks are, so you will know exactly what their up to, the next time you step foot on the car dealers lot. In fact, right now I'm going to show you the 1o steps every car salesmen will use to sell you a car "the road to the sale".

You will immediately start this 10 step process the minute you get out of your car. What if I teach you all 10 steps included inside my new book, pages with lots of step by step photographs, with 23 step by step video tutorials so you can look over my shoulder For those who don't like to read , MP3 audio, checklist and PDF mind maps?

Step 1 — Meet and Greet p. In fact, do you realize a high number of car salesmen are big liars, ex cons who could not find work, drug users and fast talkers. I remember when a van suddenly pulled up, and the sales manager yanked 5 salesmen into the van, to go take a surprise random drug test. Test results, 2 out of the 5 salesmen were on drugs and lost their job.

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That means if you just happened to get the salesman on drugs, you would have been negotiating with a "crack head" who desperately needs the money at your cost. Step 2 — Qualify: Find Common Ground p. Step 3 — Product Presentation p.

Step 4 — Demo Drive the Car p. Step 5 — Trial Close p. Let's go see what price I can get you from the sales manager. Step 6 — Negotiate pgs.

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They will show you monthly payments and down payment on the 4 square worksheet designed to get you to focus on 2 things. Get this wrong and pay dearly! Learn why the salesman goes back and forth to the sales manager. Step 8 — T. Turn Over to Finance Office Manager p. I will show you how to get out of the contract even if you signed all the papers if follow my step by step plan. Step 9 — Delivery p.

You need to make sure you check the used car by your mechanic in advance of delivery. This is so important it could cost you thousands. Step 10 — Follow Up - p. They will tell you give them excellent CSI surveys. If you learn this one trick, I teach you about CSI surveys, you will have the salesman and sales manager begging you because it is going to cost them a bonus! You are going to have so much fun playing with the car salesman and sales manager because you will be playing poker and know their cards in advance!

Imagine the power and control when you use my formula on the sales manager. Let me share a few stories with you so you get an idea what problems could happen to you when you buy a car.

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I witnessed this happen and made me sick to my stomach. What if this was you mother, how would you feel? Secret Tip — A car salesman will always make more money selling you a used car.

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He will do everything to switch you from buying a new car. Then convince you to buy a used car to save money. It is a catch 22, yes you will save money, but the car dealer will make a bigger profit on the used car. Do not buy the used car that day, go home and do some research first based on what I teach you in this book, and then go back to the car dealer the next day to negotiate with knowledge. Knowledge is Power! She signed contracts leasing the car and she never realized this fact.

Towards the end, she wanted to lower her payments and buy a cheaper car, but she had no equity because she put on such high miles. When she bought the car she traded in a car with negative equity. I felt so sorry for this older lady who came in with her daughter to help her mom.

Her mom was barely surviving financially, and the previous management at the car dealer ripped her off. The previous management team at the dealer were tricking customers into buying cars when they were leasing cars "Bait and Switch". Story - One guy comes in and buys a used Infinity G35 for his wife and then tells me, he was going to buy him a Land Rover for himself later that day. I assumed he was going to another dealer in town because we did not have the car he was looking for.

About 8 months later, he returns to me requesting an appraisal to trade us his car. We discovered he bought the car on EBay from our out of state dealership. He got ripped off buying a car in eBay and flew out of state to pick it up. Car salesman and car dealers are ripping off customers right now all over the world. I'm not kidding, do you want to walk into a car dealer to buy a car without the forbidden inside secrets I teach you? She had nightmares on getting license plates because of a title error. The person who sold her the car did not sign the back of the title to match the name on the front of the title.

The seller of the car disappeared so the buyer could not get the title corrected. That means the mom can not get license plates, and the son can not drive the car. Because you put the customer first and find out what they want and how they feel. Guess what, you were the best and more honest and caring than any car salesman I have dealt with. That is saying a lot, because I am retired and bought 23 cars in my life and being in sales for 26 years I think you are one of the best.

First, I went to a Toyota dealer in down town Nashville, TN, and did not like the way the salesman treated me and did not like the manager because he would not drop the price.

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Bob was very friendly, knowledgeable, made me laugh and gave me a good deal on my Toyota Camry. Also, Bob showed me how to defend myself from a knife attack as a bonus. I highly recommend Black Belt Bob because I trust him. I'd like to show you exactly how I sell cars, so you can learn how to buy cars without any previous experience.

Do not worry, you will never be afraid of any salesman again because you will have the confidence to strike back offensively. Never again, will you be at the mercy of the car salesman or the sales manager with their high pressure tactics. Most likely, you could save a few thousand dollars on your next car purchase and have this knowledge for a lifetime.

How to set up a new Criagslist. Special characters for Craigslist Posting The saleman wanted to make the sale so bad but did not have any 6 cylinders on the lot only had 4 cylinders. She told the manager that salesman said he promised to add 2 more cylinders too my 4 cylinder car and demand 6 cylinders right now.

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The sales manager was trying to hold back his laughter and he said OK, let me send you to the service department manager. This is a true story and everybody was laughing so hard except that poor old lady who gotten taken advantage of. Car dealers and car salesman will lie to you to make a sale. Came to Pickup His Title Zero Equity Talk About Explosive Anger Story - I have seen a Chinese guy come to the car dealer after 3 years saying he owns the car and wants the car title when he shows me his lease agreement.

This guy signed a 3 year lease agreement and the previous salesman told him he was buying the car. This customer was shocked and mad. Asking for a Discount Manheim Live Auction Black Book How to find new car invoice and MSRP price Son Puts New Custom Stereo Story — A black lady and son came to buy a Lincoln navigator. They did not have enough down payment to buy the car and wanted a lower monthly payment. They took the navigator home and started making a noise when shifting into gear like a metal jolting into gear.

We ended up taking the navigator to the dealer and they said that noise is normal for the car. When we had the car and drove it from the rear to the front the power windows would not work on the driver side and the window was stuck down. The mechanic had to temporarily wire the window up until he could set up a new appointment to fix the power windows.

When customer gets into the navigator the newly installed custom radio customer paid somebody else to install this brand new stereo was not working. He began raising his voice saying he just paid for his brand new custom stereo and it was working when he brought the Navigator here and now the stereo does not work. Would Not Pass Emission Testing Puts Him into a Chevy Silverado Be Aware of Check Engine Lights!

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